I saw this on Twitter tonight:


And I couldn’t help but think… isn’t that a little harsh? The guy literally lost his wife when Germans blew his home to pieces and now he’s a homeless man?

It’s technically true I suppose.

Shifty Shellshock’s Wikipedia Page

From a mysterious wiki vandal / national hero:

Shifty Shellshock is the pseudonym for Seth Brooks Binzer (born August 23, 1974), a co-founder/front man of Crazy Town.

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[edit] Life
Binzer was born in Los Angeles to Leslie Brooks and Rollin Binzer. His father was an artist and filmmaker who did album covers and directed “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones” a 1972 Rolling Stones performance film.

His family moved to Marblehead, Massachusetts during his childhood, then back to Los Angeles when he was 12. Binzer began writing rhymes and then later rapping (poorly). During adolescence, he immersed himself in the West Coast hip hop scene and became a graffiti artist around Los Angeles with Westwood Village and Hollywood among his targets. It made sense, “I got into all the biggest graffiti crews ‘cos no one could believe what I would climb up into and write on. I was like a monkey. I would fling my own excrement, and then climb onto the tallest buildings with a miniature Fay Wray. I was inevitably shot down by tiny biplanes”[citation needed]

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The Fucking Tank

I got these MP3s from my buddy Ian, though I first heard them hanging out at his apartment in Brookline, MA around 2008. The backstory, as told to me, is that a guy moved into an apartment in San Diego near a statue of a tank they erected after a guy went crazy there in 1996 as shown below.

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